Accepted Entries for the 5th Annual Juried Exhibition

Juried Art Exhibit

The Gallery Committee would like to thank all the talented artists who entered work this year. We are pleased to announce those pieces accepted into the July show.

Artists, please deliver work to the Downsbrough Room between 10am and Noon, June 27. Pickup will be July 31, between 10am and Noon.

  • Allen, Betsy (Seed Pods)
  • Apple, Sylvia (Snow Shadows)
  • Baumbach, Robert (Pacific Sea Nettle)
  • Berner, R Thomas (Malecon)
  • Brace, Shannon (Seafoam)
  • Bugaj, Thomas (Philadelphia Sunset #2)
  • Charriere, David (Portrait of a Young Lady)
  • Deutsch, Karen (Orange and Grey)
  • Edmunds, Marty (Little Gardener)
  • Filko, Kimberly (Mr. Bigsby, Space Journey)
  • Fong, CS (Pisces)
  • Ford, Dotty (Boy Oh Boy)
  • Fuente Kuhn, Josephine (The Red Barn Oil)
  • Hale, Linda (Pulled)
  • Hill, Christine (Lost in Infinite Space and Lightness)
  • Holmes, Miranda (Refraction Reflection)
  • Jones, Kristi (Fitzgerald's Train)
  • Kazez, Ruth Talman (Birds)
  • Klemick, Mark (Fogdog)
  • Laplante, Mary Kay (Hodegitria of Divine Ascent)
  • Matsick, Anni (Say Cheese!)
  • McCloskey, Paul (Create Your Own Universe)
  • Mickle, Thomas (Overhearing an Obama Joke)
  • Mikkelsen, Jim (Meditation)
  • Mock, Madison (Stuck on You)
  • Mulfinger, Anna (Sewing Machine Futurism)
  • Muschlitz, Linna (Where?)
  • Nelson, Colin (St. Giles Ceiling)
  • Palfey, Nancy (The Cat Under the Fish Bowl)
  • Parsonage, Susan (Zephyr)
  • Placky, Claire (Tick Tock)
  • Placky, Debra (Birch Reflection, Acadia)
  • Placky, Robert (Rain)
  • Ritti, Alyce (We’re Not in Kansas Anymore)
  • Schultz, Emily (Trying to Fit the Ratio)
  • Sharkey, John (What?)
  • Sharkey, Sami (Rusty Crow)
  • Silber, David (Falls)
  • Snetsinger, Wendy (Field of Delights)
  • Sormani, Luciano (Landscape [Rebersburg])
  • Vavreck, Alex (Angel)
  • Verbeck, Lynn Anne (Relationship Study, Anagama-­‐fired Stoneware, 11 x 7 x3)
  • Wadlington, Will (Incident 5)
  • Waterston, Adrienne (Concessions-­ Candy Wrappers)
  • Ziegler, Kristin (Lena Louise)

Posted 6/12/2014