Avoid errors accessing online content

We have identified a bug with our system that can cause errors when you try to access a variety of our online resources.

If you see a note about “unable to validate your credentials,” or something similar, you should still be able to access these by opening the link in a new tab

Impacted Resources

The link below should work using this method, so you don't have to navigate back to a previous page.

Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA)

Touchscreens (iPhone & iPad, and Android)

  1. Tap and hold the link to get a context menu to pop up
  2. Choose "open in new tab"

Windows & ChromeOS (Chromebooks)

  1. Hold down the [Ctrl] button
  2. Click the link

Or, if you have a scroll-wheel on your mouse, you can use that as a button to click on the link.

Mac OS (Macbooks, iMacs)

  1. Two-finger or [Control] + click
  2. Choose "open in new tab"

Please contact us if you continue to have trouble. We apologize for the inconvenience that this bug causes--we hope to deploy a fix in 2021.