Extending Your Small Nonprofit's Reach

4:00pm to 5:30pm

A SCORE of Central PA sponsored seminar

The Urban Institute estimates that 2.3 million nonprofits were active in the US in 2015.  They are growing faster than either the government or business sectors of the economy and account for over 6% of the Nations GDP,  The Nonprofit workforce is the third largest of all US Industries behind retail and manufacturing with over half a Trillion in salaries and wages,  yet most colleges do not have programs or curriculums that  specifically address nonprofit management, governance or fundraising.

This Seminar is designed to introduce the fundraising concepts and practices required for growing a Non Profit organization. It is intended to present real and useful techniques that can be applied to any Nonprofit Development plan, regardless of size or resources.

Among the questions to be answered:

  • Do I really need to “sell” myself and my organization? How?
  • How do we think from a donor’s perspective?
  • Where do I find the funding? The basics.
  • How do we raise funds with a small budget and a few volunteers.
  • One donor at  $10,000 or 100 donors at  $100, which makes sense for me?
  • Where do Special Fundraising Events fit?

Brought to Schlow by SCORE of Central PA.

  • Register online ($5 fee covers materials and food. All proceeds go to Schlow)
  • Limit 30 people
  • Where: Downsbrough Community Room​

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