Fundamentals of Tai Chi

7:00pm to 8:00pm

Are you looking for exercise or meditation to reduce your stress?

Tai Chi, one of the traditional martial arts based on Qigong and martial art techniques, is getting popular because it offers true harmony between body and mind. Evan Foster guides you on reducing stress and anxiety and increasing flexibility and balance through Tai Chi practice.

The class will include 

  • a short history of Tai Chi
  • four points of focus: meditation, breathing, relaxation, stance
  • 9 different Chi gongs "warm-ups"
  • 9 universal Tai Chi postures

Evan Foster has been practicing Tai Chi for more than 15 years and teaching Chang man Chang style for 7 years. He also traveled to Wudang, China in October 2012 to train under Master Xuan Yun Zhou and is a member of Wudang Swordsmen Academy.


  • Who: Adults
  • Where: Schlow Zoom Room






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