Listening to Your Body Compass Through Intuition

January 25 2022

5:30pm to 6:30pm

A new year and new you for 2022!

There are so many messages out there from experts about how to be successful, how to live your best life, and how to achieve happiness! Who are these experts, and why do we give them so much power? Let it all melt away by realizing that YOU are your own best expert! We all have an Inner Compass that knows the direction of our right life - the path to peace & liberation from suffering. As the Buddha says, “ The sea always tastes of salt. And enlightenment always tastes of freedom.”

Join Beth Shaha from The Grounded Canary to tap in together as we learn the skill of "Calibrating your Body" as a tool to make decisions simpler, diminish stress, align with your values, and live in your own authenticity. That's the best YOU for 2022...and beyond! Recommended for ages 15+

Beth Shaha comes to us from State College, PA where she is a Certified Life Coach.
She is currently pursuing her Master Coach & International Coaching Certifications
which will be completed in December 2021. She feels honored to be able to help others
to tap into their internal wisdom to begin living their best life! Beth enjoys spending time
with her husband and three kids, traveling, noticing beauty, gathering around a table,
and digging into a deep conversation about aligning your heart, soul and mind - all
things that make her feel alive!

  • Where: Downsbrough Community Room

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