More Profitable Prices in Just 80 Minutes

May 20 2021

5:30pm to 7:30pm

A Central PA SCORE Seminar

Is your business throwing away money? Money your customers would be delighted to pay you - if only you asked (through different pricing)? Learn how much more profitable you could be.

Non-Profits -- Do you have "Suggested donations" or "Membership levels"?  Just changing your "suggested donation" levels can substantially increase what people give. Some tweaking to your membership levels can also increase your funds!

Presented by SCORE Mentor, professor, and author Marlene Jensen.

Register through SCORE's online​ portal and​ attendees​ ​will receive an email including the Zoom room link. For more information, contact the reference desk staff at

  • Where: SCORE's Zoom Room
No registration necessary
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