Research Unplugged "On the Road" with Dr. Fang (Rose) Zhu

1:30pm to 2:30pm

Toxicology research to support integrated pest and pollinator management - a balancing act

Pesticides are mainstays for sustainable pest management in crop systems. However, pests evolve a high level of pesticide resistance and many pesticides have the potential to harm pollinators. Our toxicology research aims to uncover the genes, pathways, and mechanisms responsible for pesticide resistance and chemical adaptation in pests and pollinators. The long-term goals of our research are discovering new theories of insect chemical adaptation, along with developing innovative techniques and strategies for precision pest management and beneficial species conservation.


  • Where: Pasto Agricultural Museum 

Research Unplugged "On the Road" is presented in collaboration with Penn State’s Office of Government & Community Relations, Pasto Agricultural Museum, and Schlow Library. 

No registration necessary
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