SCORE: Creating a Business Planning - the Traditional Approach

October 21 2021

5:30pm to 7:30pm

A Central PA SCORE Seminar

There are two major methods for creating a business plan. One method is compiling the traditional written document that many consider a typical business plan. The second method is to employ the modern method of the “Lean Canvas”. This class will explore the more traditional prose document that is still the favorite of many lawyers, bankers, accountants, and insurance brokers.

The Traditional Approach has been tried and tested for many years. The beauty of this method is that most people who review your document will understand what the document means. There is written material for every reader, numbers for the numerically inclined and often graphs for the visually oriented. This document takes a while to prepare, but you will find it to be a valuable tool. Further you will find that the document should be prepared incrementally over a period of time, so it does not become a daunting task.

This class will show you the steps of the Traditional Approach and lead you in a discussion of the process. You will have the opportunity to create your own traditional business plan. You will be sent an e-book for use in the class.
have the opportunity to create your own traditional business plan.

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  • Where: SCORE Zoom Room

Thanks to a partnership between Schlow and Central PA SCORE, this program is free to attendees.

No registration necessary
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