Strength with People: Human Resources for Small Business

5:30pm to 7:30pm

With SCORE mentor Marty Mehring

This program will focus on the key Human Resources (HR) considerations you should evaluate for your small business (SB) as to whether you handle them internally or outsource to a third party.  It focuses on what you need to do to strike a balance between the needs of your employees and the market-driven requirements of your SB as well as remaining compliant with the state and federal laws. Topics to be discussed include: creating a safe, healthy, and productive environment, communication, sourcing and hiring & employee retention, payroll & benefits, and training & development. 


Register through SCORE's online​ portal and​ attendees​ ​will receive an email including the Zoom room link. For more information, contact the reference desk staff at

  • Where: SCORE's Zoom Room


No registration necessary
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