Virtual - Learn To Play Go, A Guide for Beginners 

June 13 2020

2:00pm to 3:00pm

Want one more board game to play with your family?

Mitchell Schmeisser from Centre County Go Club will guide you how to play the oldest strategy game in the world. You just need a piece of paper and colored pens.

Go (weiqi/baduk) originated in China many thousands of years ago and may have been used for religious purposes. The earliest boards were 17x17 lines in size. Sometime around 600 AD, Buddhist scholars spread the game to Korea, and then to Japan. The West learned about Go from the Japanese in the late 19th century. Today, it is extremely popular in the far east where it is played by millions and receives regular newspaper and TV coverage. “Go” is one of the Japanese names for the game. The more common name in Japan is “Igo”(“surrounding game”) of which “Go” is a shortened version. Because the west learned Go from Japan, Japanese terminology is extensively used.  

  • Who: 10+ years old
  • Where: Schlow's Virtual Community Room

Register online​ and​ attendees​ ​will receive an email including the Zoom room link the day before the meeting. For more information, contact the Schlow Reference desk staff at

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