Schlow Library Grab-and-Go Lockers

Picture of the Grab and Go Lokers at Way Fruit Farm

What is the Grab-and-Go Lockers service?

Schlow Library has created pick-up lockers in Halfmoon Township as a pilot project to offer residents a convenient way to get books and materials on a weekly basis. This service was initiated in partnership with township officials, Way Fruit Farm, and Schlow Centre Region Library.

How it Works

  • Sign up for the delivery service is required using the form below. All Halfmoon Township library card holders are eligible to participate.
  • Items are delivered weekly by 8 a.m. Tuesday. Prior to that we will:
    • Gather all your available reserves.
    • Check them out to you.
    • Transport your materials to a locker at Way Fruit Farm.
    • Lock it with a padlock.
    • Email you the locker number and the combination for you to retrieve your items.
  • Items remain in the locker for one week. If items are not claimed by noon each Monday, we will return them to Schlow Library and check them back into circulation. 
  • Schlow Library will try to accommodate all requests. If we are not able to accommodate your request because the amount of books you have on hold exceeds available locker space, we will keep all your materials at Schlow rather than do a partial delivery. 
  • If we are not able to fill your request due to high demand, we will prioritize your delivery the following week. 
  • In any situation where we are not able to accommodate your request, we will notify you at the email address listed in your Schlow Library account.
  • Fines are not assessed for any patron; however, you are responsible for all long-overdue/lost or damaged materials. If you need help completing the form, please email us at or call 814.237.6236.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to pick up my materials?

You have 6 days to retrieve you items. Items not retrieved by noon the following Monday will be returned to Schlow Library and checked back in.

Is the check out period still 3 weeks?

Similar to other special delivery services that Schlow Library offers, the checkout period will be extended to 4 weeks.

Are there any materials I cannot request to have delivered?

Some items are not eligible for locker delivery. These include 3-day DVDs, Inter-Library Loan items, musical instruments, museum passes, maker kits, toys, and equipment. If we are not able to fill your request, or if the quantity or material(s) size exceeds available locker space, we will email the account holder on the day that we process the shipment.

Who can I call if I have a problem? How do I get help?

During Schlow Library regular business hours, please call 814.237.6236 for assistance. Contact us anytime at and we will reply as soon as possible.

What hours can I access the lockers? How many times a week (or how often) can I get my items?

Items will be placed in the lockers weekly and then ready for pickup by 8 a.m. Wednesday. You may retrieve your items at your convenience during the week (until 8 a.m. Tuesday).

For Way Fruit Farm, where are the lockers located?

Way Fruit Farm is located at 2355 Halfmoon Valley Road, Port Matilda. Lockers are located under the covered porch on the side of the building that faces Halfmoon Valley Road (Route 550), adjacent to the outdoor seating area. There is a map showing Way Fruit Farm's location at the bottom of this webpage.

How do I get the combination / how do the locks work?

All your materials on reserve will be gathered, checked-out, and prepared for weekly delivery by Schlow Library staff. When ready for shipment to the lockers, the account holder will receive an email that includes the locker number and combination.

Can someone other than me get my books/access my locker?

Schlow will email the locker combination only to the email address we have for your account. Who you share the combination with is up to you. Please remember that, as the library card/account holder, you are responsible for the timely return of materials in good condition.

Will all of my requested books be there together or will I have to stop back again?

If we are not able to fit all requested items into an available locker, we will not ship any items. This is to reduce confusion and avoid partial delivery. You will receive notification by email on the day we process weekly deliveries. Any requests received after shipments are processed will be eligible for delivery the following week.

How do I return my items?

You can return your items at any of the convenient Remote Book Drops that Schlow offers in the Centre Region. The closest book drop for Halfmoon Township is at Brother’s Pizza, 1450 Halfmoon Valley Road, Stormstown, with 24/7 outside return. Items also can be returned by visiting Schlow Library, 211 S. Allen Street, State College. Grab-and-Go Lockers are only used for material pick-up at this time; return items will not be accepted.

Book Lockers at Way Fruit Farm, shown on the side of the building, facing Route 550.