Spring Book Club 2021 Instructions

Illustration of a child's bike with a basket attached above the back wheel, containing a stack of books and a "2021" flag. Text "Spring Book Club" to the side. All against a confetti background with clouds above.

Ages: Infants to 12

How to register if your child already has an account on reading.schlowlibrary.org

  • If your child participated in Summer Reading or another past reading program, their account still works!
  • Go to reading.schlowlibrary.org and click the green LOGIN button.
  • Enter your child's username and password and click the blue Log In button.
    • Let us know if you need our help! We can remind you of your child's username and/or help you change their password.
  • Click the blue REGISTER button below the Spring Book Club image.
  • Enter your (parent/caregiver) full name and phone number, then click the green REGISTER button.

How to register on reading.schlowlibrary.org for the first time

  • Go to reading.schlowlibrary.org and click the green REGISTER button.
  • Enter your child's name and age, and your email address.
  • Choose a username, then a password (minimum 6 characters).
  • Check the confirmation box, and click the blue Sign Up button.
  • An orange WELCOME message will let you know that you registered your child successfully! Their username will display here, and will also be sent to the email address you signed up with.
  • Click the blue REGISTER button below the Spring Book Club image.
  • Enter your (parent/caregiver) full name and phone number, then click the green REGISTER button.

How to set a goal

  • Help your child set their own goal by choosing the total number of books they want to read during March and April.
    • Click the Quests tab.
    • Click the blue SET GOAL button.
      • Minimum for younger readers: 20 picture books
      • Minimum for older readers: 1 chapter book
      • Want to do a combination or read even more? Enter the goal of your choice!
    • Enter your child's goal, then click the blue SET GOAL button.
    • If your child changes their mind, that's okay! Goals can be changed...but only BEFORE a set goal has been met. After a goal is completed, it cannot be changed. However, if your child would like to keep logging books beyond their goal, they can do that!

How to log reading

  • Log your books online at reading.schlowlibrary.org throughout the two months.
    • Sign in with your child's username and password.
    • Click the green Enter button below the Spring Book Club image.
    • Click the "Log Your Reading Today" link in the MY TO DO LIST box, or click the Reading Log tab.
    • Enter the title of the book your child read and submit it by pressing the green Log button. You will see it underneath the PREVIOUS LOGS heading below.
    • On the Quests page, a status bar will show your child's progress, and will display COMPLETED once your child has met their goal.
    • Logging will close at the end of the day on April 30; please make sure all of your child's reading is logged by that date.

How to get your prize book

  • Meeting your child's goal will earn them a prize book of their choice and an automatic entry in our grand prize drawing for a blue and white bear stuffie!
    • Once your child has met their goal, their status bar will say COMPLETED next to it, and your Prizes page will say "Congratulations - you met your reading goal! We will email you a certificate that can be redeemed for a prize book. We will email you again when it's time to choose the book you want!" So keep an eye on your inbox!
    • If there is a grand prize your child is not interested in trying to win, visit the Prizes page and uncheck the box next to that prize, then click the Update button.

Posted 10/31/2016