Acrylic Landscapes

Winter scene artwork by Joanne Juhl

by Joanne Juhl with added work by Stan Person

By the time Joanne Juhl reached first grade, she knew she loved art and wanted to be an artist, but the need to earn a living took over, and she completed a bachelor's degree in English and then an MBA. While working in Detroit, Juhl was able to take design classes at the College for Creative Studies and fine art classes at Wayne State University and enjoyed every minute.

Juhl is fascinated by textures and the beauty of the landscape, and she finds endless inspiration in the area's scenery. She use the layering possibilities of acrylic to capture a range of features from hazy impressions to fine details. Her work captures the beauty in broad vistas and in weeds, in the movement of water, and the glory of trees.  If she has a single message, Juhl says it is to pause and look at the subtle beauty around you. It is there waiting for you to see it.


Juhl’s husband, Stan Person, was a Penn State professor of molecular biology and biophysics.  Although he enjoyed visiting museums and galleries, he never attempted any type of art work himself.  He discovered a talent for watercolor when he was well into retirement and was taking a class offered at Juniper Village at Brookline.  A selection of his work is included.

Like the library, this exhibition is free and open to the public throughout the month of November.

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Posted 11/1/2019