Frost Fest 2020: Flurry Virtual Game

Frost Fest logo (light and dark blue snowglobe with snowflakes, Schlow Library logo, and text "Frost Fest") alongside text "Flurry Virtual Game"

Our wintry game for families has gone digital this year!

During last year's first annual Frost Fest, we had so much fun welcoming you to the Downsbrough Community Room to play our giant wintry board game, Frost Fest Flurry. To keep the fun going during this year's virtual Frost Fest, we invite you to play our online version insteadThis game is designed to be played on a desktop or laptop computer, rather than a tablet or phone.

Play and explore your own way now, or read on for suggested instructions!

  • Let each player roll the di - found in the lower right of the game board - to see who can roll the highest number. That player gets to choose which color snowflake token they want and take the first turn by rolling the di again and moving their token that number of spaces.
  • During each turn, a player will...
    • Roll the di. Do this by clicking on the dark blue di itself or on the white hand next to it.
    • Move their token that number of spaces. Do this by clicking and dragging your snowflake token to the correct space on the board.
    • Click the "i" in the upper right corner of the space they landed on, if there is one.
    • Explore the link we share with you. You might find an idea for something fun to do this winter, a video to watch, a story to listen to...there's lots to discover!
      • Sometimes, you will be invited to choose a card instead. You can do both if you want to! Do this by clicking on the light blue rectangle with a ? in the middle; this is the deck of cards. Each one contains a link to another wintry activity, read-aloud, or idea.
  • If you land on an icicle, your turn ends, and the next player takes their turn. Don't forget the number you rolled on the di that landed you on the icicle! Each time play comes back to you, you have to stay on the icicle until you roll that same number again.
  • There is no way to save your game, so don't close the window until you're done playing.
  • If you are choosing to play competitively, the player to reach the end of the path first is the winner!
  • If there were spaces with "i" circles that no one landed on, or cards you didn't get to see, feel free to click around and explore what you might've missed.

Thanks for playing!

Posted 11/18/2020