Research Unplugged Returns in April 2019!

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Research Unplugged is presented in collaboration with Penn State's Office of Government & Community Relations and Schlow Library.     

Join these great lunchtime conversations!

Research Unplugged is back with a fascinating new line-up for Spring 2019. All events are free to the public and include a presentation, a Q&A period, and light refreshments. 

April 4 -- Dr. Carleen Maitland, College of IST 

Digital Lifeline? Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Refugees and Displaced Persons

Dr. Maitland will present how cell phones and other information and communication technologies have changed the lives of refugees around the globe.


April 11 --  Dr. Iliana Baums, Dept. of Biology

How Corals May Survive Climate Change

Time is running out for our coral reefs--and it’s in our best interest to understand and protect these diverse ecosystems. Join Dr. Baums as we discuss the future of preserving our reefs against the rising tide of climate change.


April 18 -- Dr. John Gastil, Dept. of Communication Arts & Sciences and Political Science

Disrupting Democracy: How to Redesign Online Life to Strengthen Democratic Governments

The Internet is implicated in some of the worst pathologies of modern politics. Dr.  Gastil shares his vision of an alternative that encourages deliberation, effective public consultation, and an engaged citizenry--If we can all work together long enough to see it come to life.

April 25  -- Dr. Sujit Kumar Pujhari, Dept. of Entomology

Mosquito Borne Viral Infections: A Global Problem

In a world where human travel is on the rise, they stand as the deadliest animal on the planet. Transmitting a host of human pathogens, mosquitoes, and the diseases they bring with them, have become a matter of global concern. How can we fight back? Dr. Sujit Pujhari takes a look at facing some of our tiniest foes.

May 2 -- Graduate Student Panel 


Don't miss an extra special RU event, where we welcome Graduate Students from Penn State University who will discuss the newest trends in their fields.


  • When: Thursdays in April, 12:30 -1:30 pm & May 2
  • Where: Downsbrough Community Room


Posted 1/3/2019