Weekly Children's Updates

Each week, we'll highlight fun things you can do virtually with the Children's Department as well as other activity suggestions for families to explore while we are closed to browsing.

Schlow Children's Department: 

Fun Activities Available from Authors and Illustrators:

Other Things We Love: 

  • The Cornell Lab Investigating Evidence: K-12 Education - Inspire investigations through outdoor observations and citizen science!  
  • Chores for Kids Can Help Them Find Math Around the House

  • Discovery Space: Nights to Discover Speaker Series - Thursday, November 5 at 7pm. The topic of the evening will bring together the themes of Covid-19 and infectious disease, with children’s literature. Understanding the dynamics of this disease and others that threaten lives around the globe is just one of the subjects taken on by physician turned children’s author Pendred Noyce. She will share with us her views on how you inspire children to embrace science through story. Pendred will be joined by her husband, Leo Liu, an infectious disease doctor who has worked on the front lines of infectious disease—facing down Ebola in Africa, and more recently Covid-19 here at home. They will talk about how life’s experiences have helped to inform Pendred’s writing. Free event. Registration link: https://discoveryspace.org/forms/2020-nights-to-discover-speaker-series/

Posted 3/30/2020