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Book a Day

You can make a donation to Schlow Library AND choose to honor someone special with Book a Day. It's simple, quick, meaningful, and a benefit to the entire community!

Make other gifts green with envy when you give a gift that's read!  

Celebrate in a unique way that makes a difference in the community with Schlow!

Book a Day

Honor someone's special day, accomplishment or memory by dedicating a day to them at the Library!  For $100 you or your honoree will receive:

  • A banner on our website.
  • A graphic on all of the flat screen TVs throughout the library.
  • An emailed proclamation certificate.
  • An announcement on a weekly social media post.
  • A digital bookplate in a children's book (honoree's name will be searchable in our catalog)

Have you been BOOKED yet???

FAQs about Book a Day at Schlow Library

What events are eligible?

We encourage you to celebrate a birthday, recognize an anniversary, or dedicate a day in someone's name.  Businesses can use this to celebrate an important day, and pets can be celebrated too!


"Happy Retirement John Smith" Day

"Happy Birthday Susan Jones" Day

"In Memory of Scott Brown" Day

"Congratulations - 10 Years of Business to Susie's Flowers" Day

"Happy Birthday Fluffy, best cat ever" Day

How much does it cost?

A donation of $100 dedicates that individual day.

Can I have the same day next year?

Calendars are open, you can schedule a day up to one year in advance.  If you have a day in mind, book early!

Can someone else book the same day?

No.  There cannot be two dedications on the same day.  If you have a day in mind, book early!

How is this day recognized?

On the digital screens in the library (rolling display with library announcements)

On the website

Weekly on social media

Digital bookplate in a children's book (their name will be searchable in our catalog)

Emailed proclamation certificate

How is the special person notified of the day?

If you provide contact information in advance, the library staff can notify your special person about the Book a Day and send the proclamation certificate.

If you prefer, you can notify that person in your own special way.  We will email you the proclamation certificate.

What about holidays?

We are sorry, dedication days are not available when the library is closed for holidays.

Book a Day Terms and Conditions

  1. The purpose of sponsorship is to identify and thank daily/weekly supporters.
  2. Sponsorship benefits will include announcements on the flat screen monitors throughout the Library, a banner on all pages of Schlow's website, a digital bookplate in one title of the Library’s choosing (likely a children’s title), social media posts, and the recipient will receive a proclamation certificate.
  3. Sponsorships may be accepted from organizations, including but not limited to businesses, corporations, foundations, nonprofits and governmental entities, as well as individuals.
  4. Sponsorships will recognize a single day or week per calendar year, subject to availability.   
  5. Sponsorships are not automatically renewed. Requests must be made on an annual basis.
  6. Requests must be submitted at least one week in advance, or they will be denied.
  7. Requests must be submitted using the electronic form. Phone, fax and mail requests will not be honored.
  8. Any draft language submitted may be edited or revised without notice at the discretion of the Library.
  9. Sponsors cannot influence, or have the right to influence, any Schlow Library program, collection or service.
  10. Sponsorship does not constitute an endorsement by the Library.
  11. Sponsorships cannot be made anonymously.
  12. Sponsorships will not be accepted in support or promotion of any political action committees, from, or in the name of, any current or former candidate for political office, or from any organization either promoting or challenging any pending electoral ballot initiative.
  13. Sponsorship will not be accepted from businesses or entities primarily operated to market or distribute alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, firearms, or explicit programming or content.
  14. Under no circumstances shall any sponsorship include any of the following:
    1. Calls to action
    2. Superlative descriptions or qualitative statements about the sponsor, its products, or its services
    3. Pricing information or claims
    4. Comparative statements
    5. Inducements to buy any product or services
    6. Views with respect to any polarizing matter of public importance or interest
    7. Proselytizing to the audience or advancing or propagating a particular religious belief or doctrine.
  15. Schlow Library reserves the right, at the discretion of its management, to reject any proposed sponsorships.
  16. Specific terms and conditions of sponsorships are at the discretion of the Library Director or their designee.