Community Nature Journaling

Throughout September, visit the display of nature journals in the Allen Gallery by community members who participated in the Nature Journaling program at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center.

Nature journaling is the practice of recording observations, questions, connections, and explanations about the natural world using writing and drawing. It is a process that anyone of any age and background can engage with in order to cultivate deeper awareness, appreciation, and curiosity about the world. Nature journal clubs exist internationally; in February of 2021, Shaver's Creek Environmental Center began its Community Nature journaling program. The monthly program brings together a diverse community of nature-enthusiasts and artists of all levels to connect with nature and each other. The pages display come from the journals of many different Shaver's Creek community members, and represent the diversity, flexibility, and creativity of the practice.

Shaver's Creek Environmental Center is nestled in the ridge-and-valley area of central Pennsylvania, located between State College and Huntingdon, only 12 miles from Penn State’s University Park campus. Shaver’s Creek is only a short hike or stone’s skip across Lake Perez from Penn State’s Stone Valley Recreation Area, which has cabins and boats for rent, picnic facilities, and a high ropes course.

Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center
3400 Discovery Rd
Petersburg, PA 16669