Ephemerality & Clay: a Public Art Installation by Rachel Eng

Ephemerality & Clay: The Public Art of Rachel Eng

Rachel Eng is a Penn State graduate and artist who works with clay, video projections, and sounds to create layered pieces. She started creating ephemeral artworks in 2013 and has continued to do so in various capacities since. Change, decay, and regeneration are central content to these artworks in which the subject matter is our environment and our changing relationship to it.

The works that she has built outside Schlow Library will be viewable from May 6 through July 9. This public art exhibition is made possible through a partnership with 3Dots Downtown and curator/artist, Alex Russell.

Find out more about Eng and her public art installations on her website.

Rachel visited virtually with Schlow to discuss her work and the books that inspired her. View the recording on Schlow's YouTube channel.