Med-Knit-Ations with Centre Region Parks and Recreation

Med-Knit-Ations with Centre Region Parks and Recreation

Tuesday, 12/12/2023
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Series Event Location
Joyce's Sun Room
Cost: $0

When we’re grieving a loss, our hearts can feel like they’ve been broken apart. Here is an opportunity for you to knit your heart back together as well as bring joy to newborns. “Med-Knit-tations” is four sessions – each session is 90 minutes – where we will knit hats and/or sweaters for newborns in the beauty of the outdoors. No knitting experience is necessary! Knitting can be very meditative, and by making hats and sweaters for newborn babies, we hope it will provide a healing opportunity. CRPR is once again partnering with Koch Funeral Home and Schlow Library for this series. Participants will be responsible for providing knitting needles and yarn and will receive a list of the necessary supplies after registration.

Instructors: Eleanor Martin and Jackie Naginey Hook.

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