Foodie: An Eating Odyssey

State College photographer, Chuck Fong presents further evidence of his ongoing study of food culture. "Foodie: an Eating Odyssey," a collection of over 15 photographs, will hang in the Allen Gallery on the first floor of the library throughout the month of November.

Longtime local artist, Fong is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University’s School of Arts and Architecture. Shortly after graduation he established a portrait and event photography business, Studio 2. He honed his techniques from the internationally renowned Winona School of Professional Photography where some of the nation’s most recognized and awarded working professional photographers instructed students in both classroom and studio environments.

After a couple of decades capturing events and senior photographs, Fong closed his store front, and now devotes his time to personal expression, which involves three main categories: historic diners, street photography, and figurative work.

Deeply involved in the area's art community, Chuck has sat on the Board of Directors of the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania, and is an exhibiting artist and member of the Bellefonte Art Museum of Centre County, and the Clinton County Arts Council.

His creative work is influenced by twentieth century master photographers such as Diane Arbus, Bruce Davidson, and W. Eugene Smith. Interested in purchasing a piece or a print? Get in touch with Chuck directly: Viewers can also find his book of photography, Dinor Bleu: the Vanishing American Diner, on the library shelves and at