Give the Gift of Reading!

Need a Gift That Makes a Difference?

Give the special gift of possibilities by making a donation to Schlow Library for someone special in your life!

By making a donation you can honor someone special and send them an eCard with your special message. Simple, easy, quick, and meaningful!

Give Schlow memories this Winter!  (This card can also be used for memorial donations and messages)

Donate Now

It's easy

  • Click Donate Now above, (or via the orange button in the upper right corner of the site).
  • Begin completing the form.
  • Check the box for Check here if your gift is an honor or memorial gift.
  • Under Would you like to notify someone about your gift?, select the box that says Send an eCard.
  • Complete all fields, including the email address and special message for the person you are honoring.
  • Check the box for Would you like to receive a copy? if you wish to also have a copy sent to you.

FAQs about sending an eCard:

Can I send a personal message?

Using the eCard option, yes, you can! Enter your message, exactly as you would like it to appear, including spaces and returns.

Will they know how much I donated?

  • No, the donation amount is not included in the eCard, or the postal letter staff sends. This amount shows only on your receipt and tax letter.

Can I get a copy of the email if I send an eCard?

  • Select the box that says “Would you like to also receive a copy of the eCard email?”, so that you also get an email showing the card and message. Your recipient will receive the same card.
  • You get the email immediately, even if you scheduled delivery to your recipient for the future.

What about a receipt for taxes?

  • After you complete your donation, you will receive:
    • A credit card receipt from Stripe, the processor we use.
    • A formatted letter from Schlow Library in an email, with your tax information at the bottom. Please keep this for your tax records.
    • If you opt to send someone an eCard, and choose to receive a copy of it, you will also receive a copy of the eCard.

Is there an eCard for Memorial gifts?

  • The current eCard has a Valentines Day theme. But in the future, we hope to offer a variety of other eCard options, so please check back.

What if I want something other than an eCard?

  • Please select one of the other options
    • “Yes, by postal mail sent by Library staff “ will let us know that you would like our staff to create a letter, notifying your honoree or the family of the memorial person, and we will send a letter from Schlow Library to them, as is our usual system.
    • Mark that no notification is needed. This means that Schlow Library will not notify the honoree or family, letting us know you will do it yourself.

What if I schedule the eCard for in the future?

  • Our system will send the card via email at 12:01 am the day you select. You will receive your confirmation immediately, however.

What if I prefer to make a memorial or honor gift by check?

  • No problem! Please send your check and notes about who is being honored/remembered, and who the Library staff should notify, to:

             Schlow Centre Region Library

             Attn: Philanthropy

             211 S Allen St

             State College, PA 16801


Help - I need a last-minute gift! Is this instant?

  • Sending an eCard is instant, as long as you don’t set a date in the future (leave that blank). As soon as you complete your transaction, the eCard will be on its way.
  • Note - if you select the option for us to send the person a letter, this can take 7-10 business days to complete, so it is NOT a good option for a last-minute gift.

Is there a way to send a single eCard to multiple email addresses?

No, this email system only allows one email address per email. However, if you check the box to receive a copy of the email, you can then forward it on to as many email addresses as you wish, through your own email system.

Is my transaction secure?

Yes, our secure processing system is called Stripe and you will receive an email receipt from them after your transaction. Schlow Library does not see, store, or retain any of your card data.