Happiness Through Grief: Art by Barry King and Poetry By Paula Schroeder

Don't miss the inspirational abstracts by local artist, Barry King. His work will hang alongside poetry by Paula Schroeder throughout the month of January in the Allen Gallery.

Artist, Barry King’s passion for art was reignited when his wife suggested that he start painting again to help cope with a health crisis. Barry’s wife had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at the time. Because of her suggestion, he created several pieces before her passing. King’s inspiration comes from living through grief, frustration, untimely events of the world, and the joy that abstract art has given to him. His art tells a profound story when coupled with his titles and the poetry by Paula Schroeder. "Grief and happiness is a shared and common experience. We are all connected," King says, "In one way or the other." King hopes this exhibition brings a different reality to viewers’ perspective about life. Abstract art has been King’s way to show his gratitude and concern for life.

Poet, Paula Schroeder is a retired RN (Registered Nurse), who currently spends much of her time writing as, Paulalynne. She began writing poetry when, as a young girl, her father gave her a journal entitled, "Beside the Still Waters," and encouraged her to write in it daily. It was then that she discovered how satisfying it could be to write down her experiences of the world, in poetic form. Paula grew up in Tyrone, PA, moving to the Philadelphia suburbs in her teenage years. She then returned to central PA to attend Penn State, where she met her husband and eventually moved to St Paul, MN. There they raised a son together and Paula launched her nursing career. All the while Paula continued to write poems and hone her craft. After navigating a difficult divorce, Paula resettled in her beloved Pennsylvania hills, and now resides in Boalsburg, PA. Upon returning in 2011, she recorded an essay for WPSU's This I Believe series, entitled "I Believe in the Healing Power of Poetry." This past year she participated in the Bellefonte Art Museum's on-line ekphrastic poetry contest, earning first place for her entries in January and March. Her ekphrastic poetry involvement led her to explore the works of local visual artists, which is how she met Barry King. Barry then invited her to write poems for some of his works on display here at Schlow Library throughout the month of January.

Purchase inquiries for the works hanging in the gallery may be directed the artist's email: visions357@aol.com.