Summer Reading 2021: Kids' Weekly Pop-Up Challenge

Visit every Monday (June 14 - August 16) to discover a new challenge!


Weekly Pop-up Challenge #1 (June 14 - June 20)

Attend a live virtual program where the secret code will be announced or email a drawing of what you think a combination of your two favorite animals would look like to to receive the secret code. When you have the week’s secret code, enter and submit it on to get your virtual tickets!

This week’s events are: 

Weekly Pop-up Challenge Rules:

  • Complete a weekly pop-up challenge and enter the secret code on the Summer Reading website to earn 20 virtual bonus tickets. 

  • Complete all 10 challenges to earn 100 virtual bonus tickets.

  • Pop-up challenges must be completed before the next challenge is posted. 

  • If you are instructed to email us your challenge, please send it to to receive the secret code. If you have a question, please email us at

  • Please do not include any identifying information - children's faces, street signs, your house, etc. - in any Weekly Pop-up Challenge photos submitted to us. Thank you!

Posted 4/30/2020