Memory Kits are on Their Way!

A new collection for caregivers.

In the coming weeks, Schlow Library will add 9 new memory kits to the adult collection to aid in memory therapy, with themes including seasons, farming, home and crafts, as well as outdoor activities, and pets. A diagnosis of Dementia can be difficult for everyone in a family, but it's possible to maintain our emotional connections through memory therapy.

Schlow's memory kits are designed by Meternally to help generate feelings of comfort, joy, and happiness. "By viewing photo collections we initiate conversations about our favorite things and share our life stories with others. This allows us to reflect on the things and people in our present and past. By doing so we are preserving and sharing our history and reflecting on our worth and the importance of our own existence."

Memory kit details:

  • Kits circulates for 3 weeks and can be renewed for an additional 3 weeks.
  • Includes photo and activity cards, as well as DVDs blended with gentle background music.
  • Dementia-friendly pictures and simple DVD menus.

Find the kits shelved in the New Large Print section on the 2nd floor.