Out of Nowhere: Gatesburg Village Art by Charlie O’Neill

Artist, Charlie O'Neill has been interested in Impressionism and Modern Art for many years and credit those genres as her main inspirations (Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Renoir, Picasso, etc.). In addition, Charlie has been learning about a variety of abstract art styles--such as fluid acrylics--and experimenting with them. Textures and colors fascinate her so she has been working with several kinds of acrylic mediums and paint thicknesses to create blends that add interest to each piece. While Charlie has put a lot of thought into each painting, the end results continue to surprise them as each is unique. Fortunately, she has been able to offer her paintings for sale at the Gallery Shop on Pike Street in Lemont.

Years ago, when Charlie's two sons were growing up, she became quite familiar with children’s picture books as they would visit Schlow often. When Charlie worked as an assistant in Schlow’s Children’s Department, she had the opportunity to meet several of her favorite authors/illustrators. With help from volunteers, she created many of the displays for the Summer Reading Program. Doing that fun job gave Charlie a chance to feature the works of talented artists.

"Many thanks to Schlow Library and especially to Maria Burchill for offering me this opportunity to share some of my work with you." --Charlie O'Neill

Charlie's work will hang in the Allen Gallery throughout February. For sales or questions about their work contact: charlieo553@gmail.com