Schlow to School FAQ

Schlow Centre Region Library provides delivery to school libraries for students from State College High, Mount Nittany Middle, Park Forest Middle, Delta, Corl Street, Spring Creek, Radio Park, Park Forest Elementary, Mount Nittany Elementary, Ferguson Township, Easterly Parkway Elementary, and Gray's Woods Elementary as well as State College Friends School.

You can apply online and  If you need assistance, you can ask your School's Librarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the library offering delivery to school students?

Library staff believe in equitable and easy access to educational material at all grade levels. The Library’s collection of material will be made available to students to promote literacy and to encourage a love of reading.

How does a student qualify for delivery service?

All students attending the above schools are eligible for participation in this program.

Who sets up the account?

The application must be filled out and signed by the student and a parent/guardian with financial responsibility for the student. It must be returned to the school librarian who will arrange future deliveries from Schlow Centre Region Library.

Who is responsible for the materials?

Participating students and the parent/guardians are responsible for all material checked out on the student’s card. School librarians and Schlow Centre Region Library make every effort to insure that materials are delivered in a timely manner to students.

When does the delivery become activated?

Activation can take up to a week following receipt of the student’s application.

How does the Schlow to School account work?

  • Initial checkout period of 4-weeks, with the possibility of two 4-week renewals allowed if there are no current reserves on the item.
  • Email notification of reserves, items coming due soon, and overdue items are sent to the email address provided. It is up to the student and parent/guardian, to provide us with updated email account information.
  • When placing a request on an item through the website, leave the pick-up location as Schlow.
  • Although Student Delivery accounts do not accrue daily overdue fees, material is expected to be renewed or returned by the due date. All accounts will be billed for replacement costs for long-overdue items considered lost.
  • Parents/guardians determine whether a student will participate and are responsible for notifying the school if the student either transfers to another school or wishes to cease participation.
  • The Schlow to School Delivery Program is a special service and will be revoked if misused, such as not returning or renewing material by the due date.
  • Once activated, participation in the Schlow to School Library Delivery Program continues through one school year. Summer ends the contract period during which time, students will assume standard loan periods/fines. Students must fill out a new participation agreement at the beginning of a new school year.

Can I still use my library card at Schlow Centre Region Library?

Yes. Students may still come to Schlow. Students may even pick up their reserves at the Library if they have not already shipped to the School.

Where can a student get an application to participate?

Are any items excluded from delivery?

Musical instruments, museum passes, and equipment aren't available for delivery though Schlow-to-School, but you are always welcome to come into the library to get them.