Two Friends - Paintings in Watercolor by Jeff Mathison and Anni Matsick

Join us for an entrancing display of watercolors by two of our area's award-winning artists/illustrators. Two Friends - Paintings in Watercolor by Jeff Mathison and Anni Matsick will hang in the Allen Gallery throughout October.

Anni Matsick’s

watercolor paintings focus on the portrait and figure, fed by decades of drawing from life. She has over 30 years of experience as an illustrator for major publishers of educational, periodical and trade materials for children. According to the artist, “I work loosely with large brushes to keep the image fresh and understated. Layers of thin watercolor washes build a sense of atmosphere and mystery. The uneven edges hold a relationship with the paper, fading in and out, allowing the composition to grow and breathe.” Two of her watercolor paintings are included in Splash 19: The Illusion of Light from North Light Books. Her paintings have been juried into many regional and international shows and have won numerous awards.

Jeff Mathison

has always been an artist. Raised in the Philadelphia suburbs, he graduated from Penn State in 1972 with a BFA degree. Jeff enjoys the combination of town culture and woodsy countryside, and has never left Centre County, Pa.

Jeff works with many media and subjects. In recent years he has settled on watercolor as his primary tool. Jeff enjoys the way it has a mind of its own and he has to collaborate with it to earn a good painting.

Jeff’s painted landscapes are both plein air (painting outside) and from photos. This show is a gathering of mostly plein air paintings from his travels to Chincoteague, VA, and Moab, UT. Jeff also works a lot with the figure, from life or photo.

The artist has continued to work as a freelance illustrator, specializing in illustrated maps for books and other publications. He recently provided over 30 illustrations for a popular book on genetic manipulation, "A Crack in Creation", by Jennifer Doudna and Sam Sternberg. In 2007, he created new maps for a reissue of The Princess Bride, by William Goldman.

For sales or questions on Jeff Mathison's work contact: or 814 321 7571. View more work on his website. Anni Matsick's displayed works are not for sale. To view news and updates visit