Auto-Renewals: Everything You Need to Know

What are Automatic Renewals?

Starting November 15, most items checked out to your library account will renew automatically on their due date. Items on your account may be renewed a total of two times, whether through automatic renewals, manual renewals through our website, renewals by library staff, or a mix of these options. The renewal period is the same length as the original loan period.

If your account is blocked for whatever reason, your items will not auto-renew.

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Other Frequently Asked Questions about Auto-Renewals

Which items are NOT eligible for renewal?

Materials will not be renewed if: 

  • there is a hold on the item
  • the item has already been renewed the maximum number of times
  • your account is blocked due to fines or fees
  • they are non-renewable, such as Lucky Day items, 3-Day DVDs, Book Discussion Kits
  • they are Interlibrary Loan items
  • they are digital items (e-books, e-audiobooks, streaming movies, and music)
  • the item was already overdue before November 15th

Can I still renew my materials myself?

Yes. If you wish to renew an item before its automatic renewal, simply renew it via your account online or at one of our service desks. Manual renewals will extend the borrowing period from the date of renewal and count toward your total renewals.

Which items are eligible for automatic renewal?

Most physical items (books, 3-week DVDs, audiobooks, music CDs, magazines) are eligible for up to two total renewals.

How many auto-renewals do I get?

All patrons may renew eligible items twice, whether through manual renewals, auto-renewals, or a mix.

Will this renew 3-day DVDs?

No. 3-day DVDs are not renewable.

How will I know if an auto-renewal does or doesn’t work?

Auto-renewal notices are sent via email on the due date. If you receive library notices by email, you will receive a notice of all your items due that day and whether they were successfully renewed or not. It is a good idea to routinely check your account and item status online or at a library service desk since courtesy reminders occasionally get blocked in email spam or other filters.

How do I make my items renew automatically? Is it for anything I check out?

You don’t have to do anything to set up automatic renewals. This is a library service. Please note that some items are not eligible for renewals, including items with holds, 3-day DVDs that can’t be renewed, or items that have reached their renewal limit.

Do I need to sign up for auto-renewals?

There’s no sign up involved. All patrons are automatically enrolled in this new program.

Does an automatic renewal give me less time to borrow an item?

No. Automatic renewal calculates the new due date from the original due date, so you will not lose any time.

How do I sign-up for email notifications?

 If you do not currently receive library notices by e-mail and would like to, please update your online account on our website with your current email address or stop by one of our service desks for assistance.

Can I opt-out of automatic renewal?

No, not at this time.