Borrowing Policies

Borrowing Rules

All library materials are checked out for 3 weeks with up to two renewals (if the items are not requested) for a total of 9 weeks except for:

  • Three Day DVDs:  Checked out for 3 days, no renewals
  • Lucky Day Books: Checked out for 7 days, no renewals
  • Discovery Space Passes:  Checked out for 1 week, can be renewed
  • Ukuleles: Checked out for 1 week, can be renewed
  • Concept Kits and Traveling Trunks: Length determined at checkout, can be renewed
  • Laptops: Checked out for 2 hours, no renewals
  • Projectors: Checked out for 1 week, can be renewed
  • Book Discussion Kits: Checked out for 6 weeks, no renewals


As a gesture of  community support during the pandemic, we are currently not assessing late fees.  However, if an item is so overdue that it is deemed Lost, you will be billed for the replacement of the item. If you have Lost items on your account, your account will be blocked from borrowing. You will receive due-date notices:

  • 3 days before the due date
  • 1 day after the due date to notify you if your items were renewed automatically or not
  • 1 week after the due date
  • 2 weeks after the due date
  • and 3 weeks after the due date

Please make use of these reminders and return overdue items promptly, and allow other patrons the use of them.

You can pay fines in person at the library, mailing your fine payment to the library, or online through your account.