Internet Use Policy

Library Rules

  • Any library cardholder in good standing may access the Internet from the Libraries.
  • Parents or guardians are responsible for the information and materials accessed by minors under the age of 18 at this computer.
  • Adult Internet users are responsible for the information they choose to view.
  • The Libraries have installed filtering software on the library computers to comply with the federal Children's Internet Protection Act, which requires libraries to deactivate the filtering software if a library patron or parent/guardian requests it. This Internet policy remains in effect whether the filtering software is active or not.

Acceptable Use

  • Please be polite, considerate to other patrons, and use appropriate language while using the Internet. Users shall comply with all applicable Internet protocols.
  • Remember that the library computers are a part of total library service. You are expected to behave according to approved library rules of conduct.

Unacceptable Use

  • Viewing, transmitting or downloading pornographic materials: "Displaying or causing to display any explicit sexual material (as defined in 18 PA C.S. 5903)...on any...viewing screen in such manner that the display is any establishment where minors, as part of the general public, may be exposed to view all or any part of such materials". (Penna. Criminal Code­Sect.5903.) This is a felony offense.
  • Uses that violate the law or encourage others to violate the law: transmitting offensive or harassing messages; offering for sale or use any illegal substance; downloading or transmitting confidential, trade secret information, or copyrighted materials. Even if materials are not marked with the copyright symbol, users should assume that all materials are protected unless there is explicit permission on the materials to use them.
  • Uses that cause harm to others or damage to their property: engaging in defamation (harming another's reputation by lies); impersonating another user; vandalism, including any attempt to harm or destroy data, software or hardware.
  • Uses that compromise the safety and security of minors when using e­mail, chat rooms and other forms of direct electronic communications. For minors under the age of 18: giving others private information about one's self or others, including credit card numbers and social security numbers or arranging a face­to­face meeting with someone one has "met" on the computer network or Internet without a parent's permission; disclosing user names and passwords.
  • Uses that jeopardize the security of the computer network: unauthorized use of personal software programs on the library's computers; altering the library's computer settings or hardware, or damages Library property.

Usage Agreement

  • As with more traditional resources, the Libraries do not act in place of a parent and will not be responsible for enforcing parental restrictions on minors that are beyond the scope of this policy.
  • A person’s use of this network leaves electronic information in the public domain. Internet communications are not private, nor are they confidential.
  • The Libraries will not be held responsible for:
    • Any charges incurred by users of the Internet.
    • The content or accuracy of information found on the Internet. Use of any information obtained via the Internet is at your own risk.
    • Any confidential or financial information patrons may send over the network
    • Unauthorized security breaches. By connecting to the network, users acknowledge all associated risks.
    • Physical damage to personal devices plugged in to Library infrastructure (power, network, etc.)
  • The Libraries reserve the right to implement and enforce usage procedures as necessary including posting of rules and regulations, and to withdraw access privileges or impose other appropriate sanctions for those who do not comply with the protocols, rules, regulations or service provider agreement.

When using a personal device to connect to the Library network

  • Printing is not supported from personal devices, but is available through the Library public computers. Personal documents can be transferred via either a compatible storage medium or the Internet/email.
  • No staff support will be given to configure your personal device to use our network.
  • The Libraries encourage all users to adhere to good computer and network security practices, including but not limited to:
    • using a personal firewall and regularly updated antivirus software.
    • applying all security related patches to personal software.


Revised draft for consideration on March 11, 2010
Approved by the Board of the Centre County Federation of Public Libraries, December 3, 2009