Audio Visual Procedures

Downsbrough Community Room Audiovisual Equipment Use Procedures


In order to use the audiovisual equipment built into the Downsbrough Community Room, you must notify Schlow Library staff how you intend to use it at least 5 business days in advance of your event so that we can determine whether we can accommodate your needs and assign staff to assist you in using it.


Projector and Computer Options

Recommended Setup

The Community Room’s computer is connected to a projector, has a DVD/CD drive, and will show presentations (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc), text documents, spreadsheets, websites, PDFs, or YouTube videos.

Please bring any files that you wish to use on a USB drive, or have them available on cloud service (Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc).

Note: Files and USB flash drives with password protection may not work on our system.

Also Supported

Airplay (for Apple devices) and Chromecasting (for any device with the Chrome web browser) are available for wirelessly screen sharing media from your personal device to the projector computer.

Note: We generally do not support wired connections to the projector.


Audio Options

Depending on your audience, the acoustics of the room are usually good enough to not require voice amplification.

Computer Audio: The community room computer is connected to a speaker system, and supports playing DVDs and CDs. Airplay and Chromecast screen sharing will also route to this speaker system.

Microphones: We support two wireless handheld microphones, one lavalier microphone, and one over-the-ear headset microphone. 


If you have any special AV requests, then we will put you in touch with our IT department. They will determine if we can or cannot accommodate your request. If they think we can, they will schedule a dry-run to see if everything will work.