Audio Visual Procedures

Downsbrough Community Room Audiovisual Equipment Use Procedures


In order to use the audiovisual equipment built into the Downsbrough Community Room, you must notify Schlow Library staff how you intend to use it at least 5 business days in advance of your event so that we can determine whether we can accommodate your needs and assign staff to assist you in using it.


The Community Room’s computer is hooked up to a projector, has a DVD/CD drive, and will show PowerPoints, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, websites, PDFs, or YouTube videos. If you need a computer, we strongly prefer that you use the podium computer instead of your own whenever possible. 


Please keep in mind that:


  • Files and USB flash drives with password protection or encryption will not work on our podium computer
  • We recommend presenters store their files on the cloud (webmail, Google Drive, etc) as a backup and bring them in on an unencrypted flash drive. 


For more routine AV equipment use (microphone, PowerPoint presentations show using the podium computer, etc.), staff will assist you with setup the day of the event. 

If you have any special AV requests such as using your own laptop with the projector (video only – no sound), then we will put you in touch with our IT department. They will determine if we can or cannot accommodate your request. If they think we can, the will schedule a dry-run to see if everything will work.