Event Space Use

Event Space Philosophy, Policy, Information & Procedures

Approved by the Schlow Centre Region Library Board of Trustees,

December 21, 2005; amended January 9, 2008; November 9, 2011; August 8, 2012 and November 9, 2016; amended December 13, 2017

Please see the attached policy with Pandemic-related updates.

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The Schlow Centre Region Library Board of Trustees envisions the Library as our community’s best and most sought after gathering place where all are welcome to pursue their interests, learn new skills, express their creativity, interact with other members of the community, and enhance their quality of life. To further this vision, the Library Director and Trustees are pleased to offer the Library’s event spaces for use by the community.


Library event spaces are available for community events and activities of a cultural, educational and civic nature that are free of charge and open to the general public. The spaces are not available for commercial, fund-raising, or private events. Event spaces are reserved according to the following priorities: the Library, the Schlow Library Foundation, Centre Area Transportation Authority (CATA), all other community groups.

Information and Procedures


The following spaces are available for use by the public:






Downsbrough Community Room (A & B)


(A & B—50 each)

Folding tables, stacking chairs, kitchen, audiovisual equipment

During normal Library hours

Conference Room


Chairs, conference table, screen

Weekdays: 5pm-closing time; Weekends: during normal Library hours

Corner of Beaver & Allen



Any time


The Library’s audiovisual equipment may be used by groups using the Downsbrough Community Room for a cost of $10 per event. Groups must notify Library staff of how they plan to use the AV equipment prior to the event (see AV Equipment Procedures document).  Use of the equipment is subject to established Library rules. The Library has free wi-fi capability.

Parking is available in the Library’s adjacent lot and underground garage, but spaces are limited. Visitors should be prepared to use nearby parking (lots, garages, street) when the Library’s lot is full.

Outdoor Spaces

The front steps, the protected arcade running the length of the Allen Street side of the building and the reservable space at the corner of Beaver and Allen are subject to all conditions of this policy including no use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products.

Anyone wishing to use Library property outside the building at the corner of Beaver and Allen (see highlighted area on attached diagram) for speaking and/or distributing petitions, surveys, or other information not of a commercial and/or fund-raising nature may do so after an application is approved by Library staff. Outdoor activities and equipment including but not limited to tables and signs must not block or hinder access to any parking, sidewalks, entrances, and exits, and must not harass or intimidate others.

Distribution of food and/or beverages in the Library's outdoor space requires State College Borough Health & Neighborhood Services approval. For more details, visit State College Borough's Public Health information, or Room 221 in the Borough Building, or call (814) 234-7191. Approved Borough forms must be submitted with completed Event Space Applications.

Due to pedestrian safety concerns, groups using the Library outdoor space will not be provided access to the Library's electrical outlets. In order to ensure the normal Library operations are not disturbed, no amplification equipment may be used in the outdoor space during regular Library hours as listed in the Reservations section.


Applications for use of Library event spaces are available at all public service desks. The three-section application must be filled out completely and returned to the Office Manager prior to the scheduled event. Valid credit card information is required on the application in the event of cleaning or equipment replacement being necessary. Indoor events may be scheduled only during the Library’s normal operating hours:

  • Monday through Wednesday  9am – 7pm
  • Thursday  1pm – 7pm
  • Friday  9am – 5pm
  • Saturday  9am – 5pm
  • Sunday  1pm – 5pm (September to May)

Indoor events must conclude before closing so that all attendees are out of the building by closing time.

Events may be scheduled in three annual periods: January 1 to May 31, June 1 to August 31, and September 1 to December 31 starting one month prior to the first day of the period. The Library will typically contact groups within 10 working days to confirm or deny the request. Reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis. New applications must be completed for each period to ensure information is current.

Groups may schedule use of event spaces up to a maximum of twice a month. It is the responsibility of the group to notify the Library as soon as possible of an event cancellation.

The Library reserves the right to change a group event time or place if necessary for the Library’s operations, or to revoke event space privileges at any time.

Adults 18 years and older are required to make event space reservations and be present for events in their entirety.


Groups using event spaces are encouraged to make $25 donations per use. Donations may be made at any time. Checks should be made out to Schlow Centre Region Library and can be mailed to the attention of the Office Manager at 211 S. Allen Street, State College, PA 16801. As noted elsewhere, charges may apply for audiovisual equipment use or for cleaning.


Individuals or groups wishing to use Library Event Spaces, grounds or parking will indemnify and hold harmless the Library from any and all claims, causes of action, costs, expenses or losses including reasonable counsel fees which might arise out of the use of Library spaces for the event or gathering with the exception of liability which arises from the negligence of the Library itself.   

Using the Spaces

Use of Schlow event spaces, both indoor and out, in no way constitutes an endorsement by the Library of the group or of its activities.

Event information may be posted or made public by the Library within the building and online. These listings are solely informational and in no way constitute an endorsement by the Library of the group or of its activities.

Groups may advertise their events on the public bulletin board on the second floor by submitting their sign for approval to the Reference Desk.

Event coordinators must check in and check out at the Circulation Desk for events held in a first floor space, and at the Reference Desk for events held in a second floor space. Attendance numbers must be reported during the check-out process.

Groups congregating before or after an event must respect Library rules and patrons.

Groups must arrange and return furnishings to the storage closet themselves. The Community Room kitchen may be used to prepare simple refreshments with the groups’ own supplies, but must be completely cleaned after use. Groups will be charged for cleaning and/or replacement costs if the premises are not restored to their original condition. 

No animals, with the exception of official assistance animals, are permitted in the Library without the approval of the Library Director.

No alcohol, tobacco or drug use is permitted in the Library. No open flames of any kind are permitted in the Library.

Facilities may not be used in any way that materially interferes with the orderly operation of the Library or poses a threat to the safety of Library personnel, property or patrons.


Decisions made regarding the event spaces may be appealed first to the Library Director, and then to the Library Board of Trustees.

The provisions of the foregoing policy and procedures may be waived either by the Library Director or the Library Board of Trustees on a case-by-case basis.