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Esports Enthusiasts

Esports Enthusiasts

Saturday, 8/10/2024
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Series Event Location
Sun Room
Arts, Crafts & Games

Schlow's new Esports Club welcomes all individuals, new and experienced, to join a community that shares a common interest in gaming. With mentorship from members and alumni of the Penn State Esports Club, teens can experience what it is like to be part of a supportive gaming community featuring casual and competitive play while gaining valuable teamwork and collaborative skills. Join us to discover your potential! #CommunityEsports

Meetings are 1pm-3pm, held in the Schlow Sun Room on Saturdays. Special STEAM and Esports Events, co-hosted with the Video Game Clubs of America, will occasionally take the place of our regular Esports meetings. Times and locations for these will be noted on the calendar and on the website events. 

Planned special topics this season include: 

May 18 - Logo Design 
June 8 - Augmented Reality
June 29 - Watch (not participate) Stream for Charity Event with VGC USA
August 3 - Stop Motion with iPads

To participate in Schlow Esports and the Schlow Esports Discord, attendees must register. Parental consent is required for all attendees

Per Discord regulations, those who wish to participate in the Discord group must be 13 years or older at this time.

Registration is not complete until the consent forms are signed.

Esports Code of Conduct & Parental Consent Forms


For further information about Schlow Esports on Discord, download the Discord Guide. For more information, please contact Adult and Teen Services at