Donate Monthly

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Monthly Donations are a Great Way to Support What You Love!

  1. To Set Up a Monthly Recurring Donation

    • Setting up a recurring monthly donation is a powerful way to support the programs and services you love at Schlow Library. And it's easy and convenient for you!
    • You will need a credit card to set up this process.



  2. Use the Donation Form, Click "Monthly" at the Top

    • Our donation form allows you to select Monthly. When you do, the donation amount you set will process on the same calendar day each month as the day you make the set up/starter donation.
    • Enter the information in the form including the credit card you wish your monthly donation to charge to.


  3. Select Submit and Check your Email

    • The first payment will process instantly.
    • You will receive a thank you letter via email and a receipt from our processing company, called Stripe. Please save these for your records!
  4. In January, watch for a Tax Statement

    • You should save your emailed receipts for your tax records.
    • Also, you will receive a letter with a tax statement in January of the calendar year following when you made donations. This summary statement shows all donations for tax purposes, in one convenient place!
  5. Need help?

Thank You for Supporting Schlow Library with a Monthly Donation!

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