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TumbleBooks brings stories to life for readers of all ages. Cuddle up with the kids to watch storybooks transform into delightful video tales, then settle in with a captivating eBook or eAudiobook for yourself. No check-outs necessary - what you see is what you get!

Read online with OverDrive

Read or listen to downloadable books! Find bestsellers to business, mystery to history, romance to politics and much more at OverDrive.


From Dubstep to Classical, help yourself to 5 songs or music videos a week. Yours forever via free music service Freegal. More than 10 million songs to choose from!

*App users, a recent update broke mobile downloads. Check out the desktop version instead!

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Get the full magazine experience! Try easy-to-use Flipster for titles like People, Real Simple, Wired, and O: The Oprah Magazine. All just a click away. Want the app? Available for IOS, Android, and Kindle.

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Shopping for your next computer? Need to replace your dryer? From Consumer Reports to The New York Times Magazine, Ebsco’s Masterfile Premier enables you to research articles on specific subjects.

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Looking for something new to read? Planning a lesson that needs pizzazz? Try BookFlix! Find video storybooks paired with nonfiction eBooks on the same subject, delve into great parent/teacher resources, or explore high quality games and activities.

Zinio Magazines

Get the full magazine experience with Zinio, including stories, pictures, even cartoons! Download a great selection of titles - Oprah to Parenting, Car & Driver to Yoga Journal. Not to be missed: the interactive National Geographic!


Learning a language is fun and interactive with Muzzy Club. Take a break from workbooks and flash cards; give Muzzy's playful video lessons a try. With 9 languages to choose from, your family will be speaking a new language in no time!

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