Schlow Celebrates National Volunteer Week!

When Schlow Centre Region Library opened 61 years ago, it was volunteers who played a major role in helping to start the Library. Eighth-graders went through the local neighborhoods and collected books for the first public library in State College.

Volunteers still play a vital part in Schlow’s efforts to serve the public. Last year, Schlow had about 100 volunteers who worked in the Library in year-round positions and nearly 35 more who helped during the summer for the Summer Reading Programs.  Volunteers totaled 7,300 hours at Schlow — or the equivalent of 3.5 full-time employees!

While Schlow always loves to celebrate its volunteers, April 15-21 is National Volunteer Week! It’s a special chance to say Thank You to those who are volunteering or have volunteered in the past to help the Library become the special community place it is.

“The volunteers at Schlow Library are the backbone to the services that we are able to provide to our patrons,” says Diane Schmidt, Head of Technical and Volunteer Services at Schlow. “From the beginning of Schlow, our volunteers have stepped up to provide additional support that keeps us moving forward in both our local and the library communities. There are not enough words to thank them for the solid foundation they have built and future that they help us envision.”

Schlow volunteers do a variety of jobs, including:

• They work in the Book Return Room where they check in and sort books and other library materials.

• They are assistants in the Children’s Department where they assist with art and craft projects, pick up areas, and shelve books.

• They are assistants in the Adult Department where they shelve books, clean CDs, books and DVDs, and perform minor repairs to library materials.

• They are assistants in the Technical Services Department where they process new materials for circulation.

• They adopt a shelf where they shelf-read an assigned area of books or other materials and correctly re-shelve any misplaced items, pull items for end-of-shelf display, and keep the assigned area neat and organized.

“Schlow is an important community resource that serves all,” says volunteer Barbara Ziff. “Spending time here has helped me realize what a broad spectrum of the community is well served by this institution, even beyond the borrowing of books.”

Originally from Taiwan, Peiying Yang says volunteering has helped her make new friends and communicate with new people.

“As a foreigner, it’s my best experience in State College,” she says. “I am so glad to volunteer here.”

Thank you to all our Schlow volunteers — and to volunteers across the Centre Region who help serve this community by giving of their time to help others.


Posted 4/13/2018