World War I: Lessons & Legacies, a Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition

Smithsonian WWI Poster 1

With added prints by combat artist Michael D. Fay & others

Throughout March, the Betsy Allen Rodgers Art Gallery is exhibiting some of the faces and images of war with “World War I: Lessons and Legacies: A Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition, with Added Prints by Combat Artist Michael D. Fay and Others.” The exhibition features poster images from World War I assembled by the Smithsonian Institute and prints by combat artist Michael Fay and others. These images invite viewers to ask how have military conflicts, work, industry, and cultures of the world changed (or stayed the same) over the last 100 years?

Michael Fay, who graduated from Penn State in 1982 with a degree in Art Education, is an official Marine Corps combat artist who has been mobilized for four extended periods and has served two tours each in Afghanistan and Iraq. Through his paintings and drawings, Fay focuses on the human face of war.

For more information on combat art try exploring Michael Fay's website, The National Museum of the Marine Corp page on the Combat Art Program, and the Smithsonian's extensive WWI digital record


Posted 3/3/2020