Introducing Schlow Labs: Technology for all

We are improving our Gadgets for Grownups series!

Years ago, as Library staff delved into emerging technologies, we excitedly began teaching others about iPads and eReaders. This endeavor was named Gadgets for Grownups. It has been a popular series intended to teach adults about new technologies. 

As our skills, and the technology itself, advanced we have expanded our class offerings. In order to highlight these diverse learning opportunities and to welcome a range of ages and skill levels, our technology classes for teens to seniors will fall under our new Schlow Labs program!

When you see a Schlow Labs poster or website event you'll find everything from basic computing to basic programming. Classes will clearly indicate appropriate age levels and targeted skills.

Need help setting up a new phone? We can do that. Have questions about how 3D printers extrude plastic to build objects? We can show you that too. 

And don't forget you can always make an appointment for an individual technology training session with Library staff - just give us a call or email. 



Posted 7/24/2017