Top Reasons to Have a Library Card!

Sign-up for a Schlow card during National Library Card Sign-Up Month

It’s a card that gives you free access to books, movies, toys, and so much more! It’s a library card from Schlow Centre Region Library.

More than 36,000 residents in the Centre Region already have one, and September is a great month to sign up for yours because it’s National Library Card Sign-Up Month. Here are just some of the top reasons to have a library card from Schlow Library:

  • Check out books. Our collection inside Schlow has hundreds of thousands of books of all genres and for all ages.

  • EBooks and EAudiobooks. Your library card allows you to access the nearly 15,000 titles from our digital library.

  • More movies than Netflix. With our DVD collection of more than 8,500 and a streaming video collection of more than 30,000 titles available with your card on Kanopy, our movie library has more than seven times the number of movies and shows on Netflix.

  • Check out popular attractions. WIth your library card, you can take out a pass to Discovery Space of Central Pennsylvania or the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg. Or if you’re interested in fitness, you can check out a family membership pass for the Centre County YMCA facilities. 

  • Take your pass to Penn State. Yes, your Schlow Library Card allows you to check out material from the Penn State libraries.

  • Game night at your house. We have many popular board games available to check out so you can host your own game night with friends and family.

  • Tech time. While visiting Schlow, if you have a card you can use one of our computers or iPads.

  • Schlow to School. Middle school students in the State College Area School District who have a library card can use the Schlow the School Delivery Program that allows students to reserve books from Schlow and have the books delivered to their school. The students can then return the books to their school library for return to Schlow. 

And there’s so much more — from our toy and puppet collection for children to magazines you can read online. Even with all that, a library card also can be used to impress your friends and has been known to make for a good mini-ice scraper!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a library card online at or visit us and sign up using one of our iPads — and get ready to enjoy the wonderful and free benefits that come with being a Schlow library card holder!

Posted 8/29/2019